My name is Dave Mead. I started my journey in music as a kid traveling around with my parents who were singer/songwriters. I have always loved music! For me, music has been a way to connect with things that tend to lie deep within the soul of humanity. It inspires me, motivates me, and gives me clarity.

Because of this, writing music has become a way for me to express the things inside that I struggle to get out with words alone. I began sharing some of this and to my shock, what had been born in the personal spaces of my life is resonating with others as well.

For the last 10 years I have been performing as a solo artist as well as with a couple of different bands. I’ve played in about every type of venue there is. For crowds of 5-10 people, to crowds in excess of 8000. After the shut downs that COVID brought, I began pulling together and collaborating with a special group of guys that has led to writing and producing the best music of my life. It also has defined who we believe our audience is and we are taking initiatives to get in “the room” with them.  We have found that when we do that, magic happens!

Dave Mead Music is currently producing several songs that should be ready for release in spring of 2023! It would be an honor to have the opportunity to get in the same room with you and the great people that have come to love your venue.

Looking forward to joining you in the near future as we partner with you to make more magic happen!


Wild And Free
Wild And Free
Just One Life
You and I

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