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My journey in music started as a child, traveling with my parents who were also singer/songwriters. Music has been a way for me to connect with things that tend to lie deep within the soul of humanity. Music inspires, motivates, and brings an indescribable clarity to me. It taps into emotions like love, joy, peace, sorrow, loss, and pain. It gives hope to the hopeless, healing to the hurting, peace for the anxious, and love for the lost and lonely. Because of this, writing music has become a way for me to remind myself of what is most important and motivate me to do whatever it takes to keep fighting for it.

Not long ago, I began sharing some of this with people, and to my shock and delight, what had been created for my personal benefit was now having an impact on others. In the last 10 years, I’ve performed both as a solo artist and with a full band. I’ve played in about every venue you can imagine. For audiences of 5-10 people, to crowds in excess of 8,000. In all of these contexts, my passion for people and music has driven me to create high-quality environments that result in opportunities to take a look at who we are, why we are here, and where we are going. I look forward to joining you in the near future as we endeavor to discover the answers to these three questions.


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